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About us


The New Brunswick Development Officers Association (NBDOA) was formed in May 2017 as a not-for-profit association.

The New Brunswick Development Officer Association's (NBDOA) purpose is: 

  • to promote and advance the status of persons engaged in the field of Development Control;

  • to advance the quality of development control throughout the province of New Brunswick;

  • to encourage the interchange of ideas and experiences among the members;

  • to encourage standards of performance for the members;

  • to co-operate with government and other agencies to continually improve  the quality of service of members through continuing education; and

  • to engage government and other agencies in identifying difficulties in administering existing legislation and promoting recommended amendments.

The NBDOA comprises two membership types. 


80% of the members are regular members that actively administer land use development controls as defined by the Community Planning Act in New Brunswick.

20% of the members are associate members connected with land development in the province of New Brunswick - Clerks, Planners, Surveyors, Lawyers, etc.  

NBDOA Executive 
  • President - Robin Canavan
  • Vice President – Jeff Boudreau
  • Secretary – Natacha Cormier
  • Treasurer - Kelly Shaw
  • Director – Dwight Colbourne
  • Director - Julien Robichaud
As of December 2022

Updated March 13, 2023

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